Monday, 28 June 2010

Digital: So this gorgeous pic of the amazing English countryside was of course, taken from my iphone. And, in a matter of minutes, found itself on the web. I've heard so many people say that digital photography has stopped us looking at photos, but surely you have to agree it's made us a nation of photographers? I remember so many events when I was younger when nobody bothered to bring a camera and those kodak moments are gone forever. That wouldn't happen to Gen Y now. Facebook instead is full to the brim of every eventuality; parties, festivals, weddings, that funny looking dog from next door. And, let's not forget video.. I'm still a YouTube virgin, definitely being a 'watcher' rather than a 'sharer' (so to speak!).. but my time will come.

Diva: I'm a runner. I'm not a real runner, but I do like to run. Mainly because I probably need to take my own advice in terms of chipolata/shorts/summer incidents. It makes me feel good, especially on a day like today. I run along a pretty busy tow path, squished between cyclists, cows and neat, pert, non-sweaty little nineteen year olds. If you're more like me than them - have a look at this fitness gear from Sweaty Betty, it's a good place to start!

Seam free tee

Comfortable shorts

Absolutely essential

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Digital: Of course this blog has to be about world cup fever! After England's chaotic start we've got hope in our hearts again for this afternoon! This world cup has of course been the first to really witness the frenzy of social media. Twitter hash tags and logos are bouncing around the world like there's no tomorrow (like say, for the French..) and you know plenty of us have downloaded the vuvuzela app onto our iphones. I've also noticed that the South Africans by far are the most patriotic when it comes to facebook profile pics - like this awesome giraffe! Interesting that a country yet to connect millions of its citizens to the internet has served such a great platform for social media related behavior.

Diva: So the wags were finally let into South Africa! Looks like it worked for the Slovenia match, let's keep our fingers crossed for later. We haven't had the wag fashion parade like we did in Germany, but it hasn't stopped the press interest in them. I've got to say Coleen has a winning look in this purple number

Hot block colours are still definitely in! Check out these I found:

Great value from Missguided

Some serious hot fuschia at ASOS

Really lovely structured number at Coast

Summer has arrived

Digital: I went to the Future of Digital Marketing event last week and learned about what's going to big in the coming months. My favourite business model by far was Naked Wines- it's all about supplier and buyer relationships - real customers going along to tastings to choose the wines that will be sold. There's an online community getting access to wines before they've even been grown. People recommend wines to eachother - and they never remove bad reviews (probably because they don't get many!). Become a wine angel and get involved - I know I will be!

Diva: It's finally summer! So I've been looking out for the best online buys for you to keep looking hot and feeling cool this summer. Let's remember the first rule - it's got to fit you! I've seen one too many chipolata legs hanging out of hot pants already.. there's no need. Try some well fitting flora numbers to make you stand out at a summer bbq. Here's my top 5 for today:

1. Stunning maxidress from ASOS

2. Sumptuous black tunic style from
Dorothy Perkins

3. Classy as always from

Love the neckline! Oasis at its best

5. Quirky and good value from La Redoute

Welcome to the world of the digital diva!