Saturday, 3 July 2010

Digital: I'm being dragged to see another bloomin Twilight film. I didn't like the first, I didn't much like the second and I'm not holding out much hope for the third. I have to admit though, I do like seeing how social media is used in the run up for these blockbusters. Of all the industries you have to admit cinema is serious embracing the power. Take Toy Story 3, the first film ever to use Facebook to actually sell tickets. It makes complete sense as the next step into the age of social commerce. It's the one thing missing in the user journey for this kind of commodity. We want an itunes experience where you buy, then you watch (download speed permitting). I wouldn't be surprised if Facebook will become the new Amazon or Tesco in the not too distant future.

Diva: Oh for goodness sake alright. I will take part in the Edward vs Jacob debate which is far more interesting than the film. Hmmm. There are various things to take into consideration; 1. Robert Pattinson is English (one point Edward) 2. I generally don't like pale men (one point Jacob) 3. That MTV awards kiss thing made me cringe (one point Jacob) 4. Taylor Lautner used to date Taylor Swift - bless them they have the same name (3-1 jacob at this stage) 5. Hmm would I rather be bitten by a vampire or savaged by a wolf. Wow, toughy (One more point to old Cullen boy). So there you have it, I'm going for slightly exotic over pale and interesting. I don't expect Bella to agree with me but what the heck, guess I'll find out later! Give them one thing though... they know how to work a red carpet.
Digital: So, July 4th is nearly upon us. I thought to myself how much better the Yanks do July 4th than we 'Englishmen' do St. Georges Day. There's such a buzz on twitter for event promotion and news. Social media really brings day like this alive. But do we have America to thank for the way digital media has taken over the world? They have Apple, they have Google, they started Facebook, they started Twitter. I feel like the UK embraces social media with the best of them, but is it the US spirit of society, patriotism and maybe downright self-involvement that has let them excel in the land of digital mass media? Maybe it's just because they have more people. Pure logistical reasoning (And at least they didn't beat us at the world cup).

Diva: The Americans love the Brits for their style, just look at the hype around Kate Moss and Alexa Chung. In fact it seems the natural first stop in the UK for Americas rich and famous, is outside the grotty Oxford St tube - and right, straight into Topshop. Of course now, they have their own Topshop, right there in NYC. I wonder whether it's still as cool to come and hang out with North London's chavs in the flagship store. Style wise though, I think I'm still slightly on the side of those across the pond. Maybe it's the hollywood glow. Maybe it's the fact that this is the only week of the year we can wear shorts without getting goose bumps. Either way, my best dressed of the week goes to Ashley Green of Twilight fame.